Social Events

We don't just play Golf at Peterborough Milton Golf Club. We have a
varied Social event programme to suit all members and guests of all
ages. From quiz nights, to themed parties, to tribute acts and much
much more. Our Social Committee strive to organise a programme for
everyone to enjoy.  

Take a look at our upcoming programme and keep your eye
on our Social notice boards and the website for updates and for all the
information required and booking.

Social Functions Terms and Conditons


PMGC Social Events

Members Bookings – Terms & Conditions 

Bookings & Payments 

These event booking conditions are implemented with the primary aim of securing payments in a managed and transparent manner, enabling event organisers to have clarification of confirmed attendance numbers sooner. 

Typically an event is ‘booked’ by members putting the names of each member and guest onto a sign-up sheet on the club notice board. Dates for the payment of deposits, balances and/or the full amount should be made clear on the event poster accompanying the sign-up sheet and/or anywhere else the event is publicised.

 The default ‘latest date for payment’ will be 7-days prior to the event, unless specifically advertised otherwise. At any time up to the last date for payment members and their guests will have the opportunity to pay for events in any of the usual ways, typically over the bar or in the Secretary’s office and always by way of their Club Smartcard. To maintain an audit trail the booking should always be charged to the member’s smart card with a top-up debit card transaction or cash credited to that member’s account, if applicable. 

A separate till system ‘account’ will be allocated for payments to each individual social function. When a member pays for a function a receipt will be given from a bar till. Receipts should be retained by the Member as evidence that payment has been made and an audit trail can then be evidenced on their account, viewable on the Club System touchscreens. 

If any member or their guests have not paid in advance of the standard 7-day cut-off, then on the instruction of the appointed social committee member, the office will contact all unpaid members to seek payment instructions. If still no payment is forthcoming within a further 24-hours (c.6-days before the event), the member should be made aware that their booking is at risk and, if there is a waiting list, the likelihood that their place(s) will be reallocated. 

Cancellations & Refunds

In the event that members or guests who have signed up for an event subsequently wish to cancel their booking for any reason, unless otherwise stated on the relevant event poster and/or publicity the following levels of refund will apply:

More than 72 hours (3-days) prior to the published start of the event: 100% 

From 72 to 24 hours prior: 75% 

From 24 hours before, until noon on event day: 50% 

After noon on event day: 0% 

Only in exceptional circumstances will this be over-ridden (i.e. not an illness!), with any appeals to be made in writing via the Club Secretary, for the Social Committee to consider.

Cancellations should preferably be made by phone to the House Manager (01733 380489) during bar opening hours or the Secretary’s office or by phone or email (‘’), Monday to Friday 0900-1600. Cancellation times for refunds will be calculated from an email acknowledgement sent by return (during Secretary’s working hours) or based on the time of a verbal advice being received.

Refunds will be made by way of a credit onto the respective members’ smart card, as soon as possible from the first working day following advice of cancellation, unless otherwise agreed. Alternate methods of refund may be agreed by the Secretary. 

 The Social Committee

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