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Bar and Restaurant Opening Hours


MONDAY 11.00am to 11pm

TUESDAY 11.00am to 11pm

WEDNESDAY 11.00am to 11pm

THURSDAY 11.00am to 11pm

FRIDAY 11.00am to 11pm

SATURDAY 11.00am to 11pm

SUNDAY 11.00am to 10.30pm





MONDAY 11.00am to 4.00pm

TUESDAY 11.00am to 8.45pm

WEDNESDAY 11.00am to 8.45pm

THURSDAY 11.00am to 8.45pm

FRIDAY 11.00am to 8.45pm

SATURDAY 11.00am to 8.45pm

SUNDAY 11.00am to 6.45pm


At the discretion of the House Manager, the Bar may close early if there has been no custom for a period in excess of 30 minutes.

The above represent standard times which may be varied on occasions when evening functions take place.